Wednesday, December 16, 2009

These hands almost...

Sup y'all, wats poppin. Ah yes EB has been on hols ... or so he thought imagine dem tellin me we have class thru nxt week mtchew if i show up ehn kai. I for one am goin to enjoy my christmas hols, come n see the cake my mum got 4 her bday ehn hehe (Shld prob write a post bout her sn T-mama) n as 4 d heat in this country no no im jst happy i am nt fair i would be crying by now lol.
Now i bet you're wondering about the title of my post sigh im ashamed ... nah it was funny.Well I have two dogs/ puppies deyre still growin so... sha one male one female: Jasper(guess where dis is from) n Robin well These hands, these hands... these hands ... almost killed Jasper lol no not with a knife o, lemme explain well i took up the responsibility of trainin the dogs, so I decided to teach em to fetch but Jasper had other plans he jst took d ball n started tryin to eat it. I started trying to get him to drop it n den he started running about then i caught him n i thot ha ''whose ur daddy now'' lol den he went 'yh rite'' n then he he he ...swallowed it then he started chocking.
See panicking hehe so he nw strted whinin and rollin on the floor my sis asked wats wrng with him n i sed errrr hes jst playin (hw wld i tke d blame if he died lol) sha he went into d kennel n puked n d ball came out too n i thot dang that was close .... then Robin decided she wanted to taste it too so i fought it off her n threw it out( im a hero yh) superman lol.
K sha EB is gonna be playin hard for a while but first I'm goin to redeemed camp that oughta be a hoot aite later y'all
EB OUT. yezzir

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


yes yes EB finally got the hang of this decided to upload a pic hehe. christmas spirit. dnt mind me jo jst experimentin.
Hows everyone doin? im guessin most pple r writing exams yh ehya sori . as 4 me im on hols enjoyin/ bored outta my skin. aite later pple EB OUTPhotobucket

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The new me

Ok so everyone knows i love driving rite? well now u do as in i'm addicted to it iono why bt dats jst how i am. got me a licence so i drive everywhere nw. sha basically Lagos is a rough place to drive yh so there are always situations where u gotta suddenly swerve n all n pple say i have rili good reflexes cuz i have not bashed to this day :) n im like wen u live in lag n u kill as many mosquitoes as i do u to u wl b fast lol but serz today nw ive killed bout 25 mosquitoes i shld get an award lol.
Now unto d main point well i sed i was gonna stop being d proverbial ' good guy' rite so i gave myself 2 hard projects viz:
project one: high skl crush she never had a bf asked her to prom sed no. sha im jst gonna see hw that goes
project 2( this ones gna cause a lil wahala) : 1st she has a bf (dnt crucify me yet lol) 2nd shes 2 yrs younger than me (not that bad rite?)
Now where is skinny legs. he left his blog 4 o so long.
my latest observation is that trouble comes in small packages in terms of pple i mean almost all the small girls (no offence) i kno are troublesome my mum is the most troublesome woman i have met in my whole 17 yrs on this planet. As in she is rili sumfn even my dad threatens us with her. when shes comin to the house kai come and see how everyone will be dodgin. in fact ill use her to treaten my future wife Ill be like i'll tell my mum to come n live with us o. lol aite later yall.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sup bloggitos( lol)
The party yesterday was awesome. my dad must have been a troublesome kid cuz if u see d questions he was nw askin me wen i told him i was goin to sleep in a friends place chai.
DAD: are u going for a party with ur friends (yeye question rite)
EB: no( wat else wld i have said lol)
DAD: how am i sure u arent? (in my mind im like u don turn into police ni)
ME: u jst have to trust me
ME: (all of a sudden i didnt fell like goin anymore) I sed dnt worry.
DAD: ehn ok fine but u r not takin d car
EB: oooooooooooohhhhhh daddy now.
dis wnt on 4 a while sha he sha gave me d car i went to hide d clothes i was gna wear in d car.
Left skl around 12 30 followed a cab to d place c as d guy was now speedin but u knw how much i love driving lol. we sha went speeding round d whole of v.i. den we got to the party n dey stole my phone sharp sharp as in not 3 mins my phone was gone, but i anticipated such so i carried my other not so nice phone so i still got d main one.
I refused to get depressed bout d phone so EB just forgot bout it. Sha at d party well it was my first club party yh n lets jst say i hate dancing in public , dont get me wrong, I can dance. I jst dont rili like it sha my friends were all rili trying to get me to dance it sha took about 2 hours but EB started boogyin down yo lool. It was rili fun danced so much my legs are killing me as in KAI. I still had to drive home sef I was nw worried I wld sleep while driving.
We left the place around 4 30 n I jst cldnt wait to get home but nnooooooooo d policemen had to pick dat day to stop me dey jst had to do dat mtchew vexin entites. askin for stuff he wasnt supposed to but alas it was in d nite n everyone knws u dnt mess with policemen in d nite. He said you cant leave this place unless we dropped 5000 n we sha were now hagglin In the end he obtained 1500 from us. we sha got bak to skl at 5 30 n dere was no space to sleep. I sha jst curled up in a corner n slept den i sed lemme go home but again some GENIUS had deflated my tyres sigh see stress. sha I got home n my dad was jst looking suspicious hehe. n i slept from like 10 till 2.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yes yes EB is a very happy camper right now, im done with exams im in year 2. im so proud lol sha this is why I have been AWOL 4 a while but im back like a sequel. See stress kai.
Either way during exams I just kept pondering about my problem, I have this thing about not doin anythin with a girl unless i like her at least but lately i fail to see d sense in that as they say 'nice guys finish last' I shall not be that guy. i'm sure it should bring pleasant results. It may not be nice to hear but thats the way the cookie crumbles.
yh we got 2 puppies wanted to name the female one sakura but nooo my dad just had to say no. shes an escap artist seriously we keep lockin em up n she keeps breaking out.
might be going for a party tomorrow woohooo!!!. hmm dat jst reminded me of six flags. the hilarity. never actually collected any of those pictures considerin d fact that i was almost always making a funny face trying not to scream lol.
later people EBs gotta go sleep off d stress. adios ovoir odabo (hope i spelt those rite)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shocking Reality

Yes recently I came to d conclusion that the kitchen is jst not for me. cooking aint my forte. Why did I come to dis conclusion u ask. Well I've burnt indomie twice in my life (hw was i sposed to knw it needed water), Then yesterday I tried makin Eba lets just say i couldnt decide whether to eat it or drink it lol. But sha I can make pancakes love those. D principle of cooking seems to have eluded me I pray my wife can cook sha. My mum tried teachin me to cook but na i lost interest.
Either way dis cruddy university has ended d strike *sigh* have exams in a week. annoying yes but d sooner we do exams d better. Havnt been to cinemas in about 2 weeks.
EB out.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Waiting

sooooooooo i waited n waited n waited n dey finally ended.... ok no they suspended it 4 2 wks sha now dat d strike has ended EB is sad sigh im sure cinemas is gna miss me.
Went 4 a friends birthday today saw the ugly truth ( i really recommend u see dat its hilarious) 4 d second time in 2 days. then i got ice cream but no one told me there was alcohol in d ice-cream nwell it tasted nice when I was driving home I could swear I was high (shocking rite) but seriously I felt funny sha.
Therefore EB has skl tomoro meanin i Have to wake up b4 12 man i hope my body can handle it,Im so used to d slow life now. I pray my us thing works out.
yh lest i forget listen to MI in overkillin dis remix. Dat song is sick.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beyond the light the darkness waits

gotta do dis quick im timin myelf.

The seconds ticked by, the silence was ominous, the only sound was the soft thuddin of hearts one fainter than the other. Looking back it was such a playful thing to do.
Looking out the window, staring down at all, everyone always looked right past like he wasnt dere, some stared for a second then decided he was just moody but they shldve known she was all he had left. Had they looked a little deeper, were they jst a little less shallow the darkness they saw now would be non existent but they were ignorant content in their hubris. It all didnt matter... for them anyway. As he looked down at them all the hatred flared, walking round with noses held high the pride.... the pride he was gonna give em the fall it was decided. With each new step he kept reconsidering but his concience was non-existent, prob in a coma. As he reached the door, he remembered all he shared with her all the memories, a tear dropped to the wooden floor his eyes were misty he sat lookin at the tear dry up. He saw brilliant white, He looked up the resolve returned he was gonna avenge her even if it killed him, his eyes had lost all hope far as he was concerned his only hope was in the darkness. His reflection scared even him, gone were his onyx eyes replaced by red. He knew he was gonna die he needed the anger.
He walked out the door and the rest was history, he woke up sprawled in the cornor of the room in the shadows, the two heartbeats still goin, faintly he wondered why there were 2 heartbeats when there were 3 people in the room he listened for a minute there was a last heartbeat no it was too weak to call a heartbeat, he wondered why it was so faint and whose it was he felt something wet beneath him, then he started sinking into the darkness. He chuckled softly "so d last heart was mine im bleeding too" that explains the wetness. Amazing how clear everything seemed he was dying, All his memories all his friends seemed a distant part like they werent his memories at all. He looked through his only working eye at the man with the second faint heart, at least he avenged her, the one with the third heartbeat stood near him a bloody sword in one hand and... was that an eye. O thats why only one eyes working he thought guess i wont be needing it anyway. He looked once more at his daughters killer a smile crossed his lips, n he went into the light. karin ... i'm almost there. END
30 mins not too bad again it aint bout me jst felt like writin it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

EB Trips, tricks n driving sticks: my life

i really gotta blog more alas i aint got so much going on right now, lags still on strike , I applied to a school in US( not tellin whch) sha pray I get in.
SO Lagos got way too boring for me so Eb went to Abuja, my mums place, man d food was awesome I was so scared I would get fat (though i stayed 4 just a week) sigh I should have stayed longer. It was a fun trip even met a girl there Wink wink lol sha it was just unfortunate I didn't like her so I just hung out with her for the sake of it. Its a long story but its besides d point, Always bugging my mum to let me drive but no my big bro just had to drive instead I was so pissed.went to cinemas makin 3 which means ive been to almost all d cinemas in Nigeria. Got a lot of cash from the trip. On the way back in the plane the pilot landed too hard I thought it was rather funny n there was this hot air hostess. A very revealing trip
On another note Ive started reading twilight Actually i've finished reading it, a very good book i recommend for anyone whos as bored as I am u mite wanna skip the 2nd one to way too lovey duvey. The rest are quite good.
On yet another note M.I. is mad, the best rapper i've heard in a while this one that jay- z n kanye have resorted to rapping absolute hogwash seriously i'm disappointed. MI drop it like its hot, badassism lol.
Going swimming Next week with some peeps the continuing pursuit of fun.
aite y'all b safe
EB out

Thursday, September 10, 2009

silverbird ( again)

so yest was my friends birthday he turned 17 (lets call him naruto) the sneak insisted on leaving his house so he wouldnt have to buy stuff for people (yes yes we in NIgeria do it lol). So we decided to go to silvebird n one other girl decided to tag along albeit uninvited, we sha jst let her come since she sed she was gna drop on the way a bad move there. She jst kept complainin about everythin under the sun. The car is too hot its only in ur car dat i sweat, y dint u take d one with ac i sed my bro ws usin dat one. ur driving too fast, were late i said. it takes about 30 mins to get to silv without traffic, so u can imagine my suffering, we tried ignoring her for a while didnt work, when we got near her house i asked where she was gettin off, she decided she was going to follow us to silv. instead. I contained my disappointment, bt Naruto immediately said he could not pay for her another mistake she started nagging that were cheapskates. hw wont we pay for her dat shes a girl yadiyadiyada I jst ignored her naruto did 2. We finally got there after having to reach new levels of self control, I was elated to have to go n park as long as she got out sha. We got upstairs Naruto ended up paying for her so she was content for a while. We watched G.I. JOE mad movie (Not as good as transformers tho). after d movie i decided to go to barcelos to get food another round of nagging started bout us not payin for her food. We finally left n dropped her along the way (she actually expected me to go all d way 2 her house) we sha ditched her Finally some peace, but no Naruto started wit d radio playin dumb songs i sha left him.
d date was 09/09/09 vry serrendipitous
I got home n slept for about 14 hrs
oh yh happy bday in adv to skinny legs
n yes ppl I have a licence hows that for young (CB)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nigeria vs tunisia

this country is complicated, people keep sayin nigeria is a sick nation i think its trying to commit suicide. The people who are supposed 2 help this country feed their pockets instead N the rest of the nation just complains about how bad things are. Hence the suicide.
The point of this blog is Nigerias match a very irritating affair.i mean we scored twice n dey equalised twice while i was still celebrating each of the goals less dan 10 minutes. mtchew I i keep sayin i wld stop watchin their matches but curiousity keeps disrupting that particular plan.
On a more interesting note my beard is coming along nicely hehe can't wait.
EB out

Friday, August 28, 2009

mon anniversaire c'est coming

aite first off i wld like to answer d inevitable question: no I do not speak french fluently jst en peu (a lil)
so aite in about 2 days im gettin a year older Yay me yh Thank God
hmmm 17 again lol. a lotta my life has changed.
Hard to believe this time last year I was still dreading my Waec result(oh like u werent scared 2) I stabbed neco ( u choose btw neco n travelling) I chose d latter
was still dreaming about prom nite back then (mischevious smile here)
ah good times, good times. last years bday was awesome had cake n pizza ( i love those ). Thot i was gonna pass out wit all d food i ate.
Didnt even knw hw to drive back then. sigh So i thought me leavin Isl was gonna be the end o the stress. But no Eleyeth jst had to get into unilag (yes dey r still on strike not dat im complainin).
Point is this birthday I have absolutely no idea how to celebrate it. Goin out is over-rated
going out with those GGs will prob kill my account.
hmmm maybe ill say more than 3 sentences to my father for the sake of it. (he's troublesome)
anyways I pray I see many more bdays to come.
sigh everythings changing.
even rap
I must be the greatest
not just momentarily
in search of victory
i must be great for eternity
maybe even legendary
like Usain breaking all the records theres ever been
like no ones ever seen
cuz im d new kid on the scene
lol cldnt resist that.
Boredom just left the building
hmmmm i hmmm a lot sigh too.
In honour of my birthday i reveal my name .... wait for it... na maybe later
but on skinny legs blog people keep thinking he is a girl. Well i'd like to kill that on mine by saying I AM A MALE (a fine one if i do say so myself lol)

Monday, August 24, 2009

MY current life

well I feel ranty rite nw
Im in unilag(sigh)
d skl vexes my very being everythin about it is upside dwn seriously.
D skl is currently on strike n I am beyond bored wit d stupid strike.
Sure I went out n all for a while Silverbird, Ozone, Oniru, Barcelos, Shoprite( ive bn all over yes)
but alas such habits r expensive n d driving is stressssssss!!!! (yet i stl love drivin).
But now ive gone everywhere. And d strike is still on but den i get to sleep a lot (lazy yes)
sigh i dunno if i want it to end anymore
dunno wat i want anymore.
n dat skinny legs mtchew he ditched.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

darkitude Aint about me

ishida codename: i. underestimate her i did, capture her i must. A thrillin chase,all that time wasted by her, all that fun had by me.every step of the chase anticipated by me all but one.All dat seems like history now,a habinger of things to come.who knew such a small act cld turn such a grand occasion into such a gory evenin.all that planning ,hours of careful contemplation and plotting. A sad thing such a pretty woman had to suffer but alas it was for the greater good. But damn she looked hot
She stood across the road talkin aimlessly as women do unaware that she was being watched every move she made already she was to go to her car which i had already ''fixed''if u kno wat i mean. It was definitely not goin 2 start, and then jst 2 start the fun there was the little note i put in there too. I watched her as her pupils dilated with fear i cldnt help the smile that crept across my face. she jumped out of the car and made a run for it.Headed towards the police station she was or so thought I ,here was where i under estimated her,thought i had definitely lost her but She must have under estimated me as well.
The nerve of her thinking she could turn the tables, nice try tho i have to give her that. she passed the station and i followed silently,although surely we both knew i was there. She paused under every street light, lost in her own prison of fear.She passed through an alley(u'd think she would stay away from them) but it was all part of her plan,a bunch of bottles went clattering down the alley i could have sworn they weren't there a second ago now she knew i was following her i came out of the alley she was hidden and i pretended not to know where she was all the more fun for me I passed rite by her checking out of the corner of my eye as i passed her drink had been tweaked she should have been numb but it was only a matter of time.
I jst couldnt resist looking back when i heard the police cars i thought i sabotaged her phone how she called i knew not,this was the step i missed a minor set back anyway up to the top of the roof i went spying the cars parked everywhere she must have thought she had won and she followed me up the stairs a really bad idea and then she finally went numb or so i thot as i got closer she struck. Two emotions were felt by me first pride i had picked d right girl second blistering pain i saw a brilliant white light. There she was standing over me looking at me with condescent. I jst had to remove the smug look on her face, my worst enemy how i always admired her, the fate of the world was in the balance. So as she turned her back hubris written all over her I got up bones achin head spinning fully aware that these painful breaths were my last. For some reason I was calm I knew exactly what I needed to do. I read somewhere at the moment of death is when you are most at peace. I took one last look at myself in the pool of my own blood with the last of my energy, I jumped and sent us both hurtling down off the roof. The look on her face was priceless forget being calm. The wind was rather nice it was to be the last thing i felt. These moments I was going to cherish FOREVER . who would have thought i would die in a place like this. GOOD BYE HALCYON DAYS


The first gentleman ... KADAS
that is his way of life he didnt knw how, he dint knw y, All he knows is he lived by this principle.
The thing ab
out nice guys finishing last he didnt rili believe it..
he's that guy who opens the door n lets her walk thru
he's that guy who always refuses to complain no matter how boring her stories get
he's that guy who gets her gifts for no apparent reason
He is a legend the one every girl seems to dream about.
(and yes all guys hate him ) can u blame us?
he gives all guys bad names
Then theres THE hottest female of em all ADMEON
shes what u call almost perfect
so close to perfection, its wrong
guys like her legs
guys like her eyes
guys like her lips
guys dislike... ummmm
well deres nothin to dislike
maybe she is perfect
What do you think wld happen wen they finally meet?
Skinny legs? lol y i put dis up iono