Wednesday, December 16, 2009

These hands almost...

Sup y'all, wats poppin. Ah yes EB has been on hols ... or so he thought imagine dem tellin me we have class thru nxt week mtchew if i show up ehn kai. I for one am goin to enjoy my christmas hols, come n see the cake my mum got 4 her bday ehn hehe (Shld prob write a post bout her sn T-mama) n as 4 d heat in this country no no im jst happy i am nt fair i would be crying by now lol.
Now i bet you're wondering about the title of my post sigh im ashamed ... nah it was funny.Well I have two dogs/ puppies deyre still growin so... sha one male one female: Jasper(guess where dis is from) n Robin well These hands, these hands... these hands ... almost killed Jasper lol no not with a knife o, lemme explain well i took up the responsibility of trainin the dogs, so I decided to teach em to fetch but Jasper had other plans he jst took d ball n started tryin to eat it. I started trying to get him to drop it n den he started running about then i caught him n i thot ha ''whose ur daddy now'' lol den he went 'yh rite'' n then he he he ...swallowed it then he started chocking.
See panicking hehe so he nw strted whinin and rollin on the floor my sis asked wats wrng with him n i sed errrr hes jst playin (hw wld i tke d blame if he died lol) sha he went into d kennel n puked n d ball came out too n i thot dang that was close .... then Robin decided she wanted to taste it too so i fought it off her n threw it out( im a hero yh) superman lol.
K sha EB is gonna be playin hard for a while but first I'm goin to redeemed camp that oughta be a hoot aite later y'all
EB OUT. yezzir

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


yes yes EB finally got the hang of this decided to upload a pic hehe. christmas spirit. dnt mind me jo jst experimentin.
Hows everyone doin? im guessin most pple r writing exams yh ehya sori . as 4 me im on hols enjoyin/ bored outta my skin. aite later pple EB OUTPhotobucket