Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The new me

Ok so everyone knows i love driving rite? well now u do as in i'm addicted to it iono why bt dats jst how i am. got me a licence so i drive everywhere nw. sha basically Lagos is a rough place to drive yh so there are always situations where u gotta suddenly swerve n all n pple say i have rili good reflexes cuz i have not bashed to this day :) n im like wen u live in lag n u kill as many mosquitoes as i do u to u wl b fast lol but serz today nw ive killed bout 25 mosquitoes i shld get an award lol.
Now unto d main point well i sed i was gonna stop being d proverbial ' good guy' rite so i gave myself 2 hard projects viz:
project one: high skl crush she never had a bf asked her to prom sed no. sha im jst gonna see hw that goes
project 2( this ones gna cause a lil wahala) : 1st she has a bf (dnt crucify me yet lol) 2nd shes 2 yrs younger than me (not that bad rite?)
Now where is skinny legs. he left his blog 4 o so long.
my latest observation is that trouble comes in small packages in terms of pple i mean almost all the small girls (no offence) i kno are troublesome my mum is the most troublesome woman i have met in my whole 17 yrs on this planet. As in she is rili sumfn even my dad threatens us with her. when shes comin to the house kai come and see how everyone will be dodgin. in fact ill use her to treaten my future wife Ill be like i'll tell my mum to come n live with us o. lol aite later yall.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sup bloggitos( lol)
The party yesterday was awesome. my dad must have been a troublesome kid cuz if u see d questions he was nw askin me wen i told him i was goin to sleep in a friends place chai.
DAD: are u going for a party with ur friends (yeye question rite)
EB: no( wat else wld i have said lol)
DAD: how am i sure u arent? (in my mind im like u don turn into police ni)
ME: u jst have to trust me
ME: (all of a sudden i didnt fell like goin anymore) I sed dnt worry.
DAD: ehn ok fine but u r not takin d car
EB: oooooooooooohhhhhh daddy now.
dis wnt on 4 a while sha he sha gave me d car i went to hide d clothes i was gna wear in d car.
Left skl around 12 30 followed a cab to d place c as d guy was now speedin but u knw how much i love driving lol. we sha went speeding round d whole of v.i. den we got to the party n dey stole my phone sharp sharp as in not 3 mins my phone was gone, but i anticipated such so i carried my other not so nice phone so i still got d main one.
I refused to get depressed bout d phone so EB just forgot bout it. Sha at d party well it was my first club party yh n lets jst say i hate dancing in public , dont get me wrong, I can dance. I jst dont rili like it sha my friends were all rili trying to get me to dance it sha took about 2 hours but EB started boogyin down yo lool. It was rili fun danced so much my legs are killing me as in KAI. I still had to drive home sef I was nw worried I wld sleep while driving.
We left the place around 4 30 n I jst cldnt wait to get home but nnooooooooo d policemen had to pick dat day to stop me dey jst had to do dat mtchew vexin entites. askin for stuff he wasnt supposed to but alas it was in d nite n everyone knws u dnt mess with policemen in d nite. He said you cant leave this place unless we dropped 5000 n we sha were now hagglin In the end he obtained 1500 from us. we sha got bak to skl at 5 30 n dere was no space to sleep. I sha jst curled up in a corner n slept den i sed lemme go home but again some GENIUS had deflated my tyres sigh see stress. sha I got home n my dad was jst looking suspicious hehe. n i slept from like 10 till 2.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yes yes EB is a very happy camper right now, im done with exams im in year 2. im so proud lol sha this is why I have been AWOL 4 a while but im back like a sequel. See stress kai.
Either way during exams I just kept pondering about my problem, I have this thing about not doin anythin with a girl unless i like her at least but lately i fail to see d sense in that as they say 'nice guys finish last' I shall not be that guy. i'm sure it should bring pleasant results. It may not be nice to hear but thats the way the cookie crumbles.
yh we got 2 puppies wanted to name the female one sakura but nooo my dad just had to say no. shes an escap artist seriously we keep lockin em up n she keeps breaking out.
might be going for a party tomorrow woohooo!!!. hmm dat jst reminded me of six flags. the hilarity. never actually collected any of those pictures considerin d fact that i was almost always making a funny face trying not to scream lol.
later people EBs gotta go sleep off d stress. adios ovoir odabo (hope i spelt those rite)