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Saturday, September 26, 2009

EB Trips, tricks n driving sticks: my life

i really gotta blog more alas i aint got so much going on right now, lags still on strike , I applied to a school in US( not tellin whch) sha pray I get in.
SO Lagos got way too boring for me so Eb went to Abuja, my mums place, man d food was awesome I was so scared I would get fat (though i stayed 4 just a week) sigh I should have stayed longer. It was a fun trip even met a girl there Wink wink lol sha it was just unfortunate I didn't like her so I just hung out with her for the sake of it. Its a long story but its besides d point, Always bugging my mum to let me drive but no my big bro just had to drive instead I was so pissed.went to cinemas makin 3 which means ive been to almost all d cinemas in Nigeria. Got a lot of cash from the trip. On the way back in the plane the pilot landed too hard I thought it was rather funny n there was this hot air hostess. A very revealing trip
On another note Ive started reading twilight Actually i've finished reading it, a very good book i recommend for anyone whos as bored as I am u mite wanna skip the 2nd one to way too lovey duvey. The rest are quite good.
On yet another note M.I. is mad, the best rapper i've heard in a while this one that jay- z n kanye have resorted to rapping absolute hogwash seriously i'm disappointed. MI drop it like its hot, badassism lol.
Going swimming Next week with some peeps the continuing pursuit of fun.
aite y'all b safe
EB out

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