Family Guy Characters

Sunday, August 9, 2009


The first gentleman ... KADAS
that is his way of life he didnt knw how, he dint knw y, All he knows is he lived by this principle.
The thing ab
out nice guys finishing last he didnt rili believe it..
he's that guy who opens the door n lets her walk thru
he's that guy who always refuses to complain no matter how boring her stories get
he's that guy who gets her gifts for no apparent reason
He is a legend the one every girl seems to dream about.
(and yes all guys hate him ) can u blame us?
he gives all guys bad names
Then theres THE hottest female of em all ADMEON
shes what u call almost perfect
so close to perfection, its wrong
guys like her legs
guys like her eyes
guys like her lips
guys dislike... ummmm
well deres nothin to dislike
maybe she is perfect
What do you think wld happen wen they finally meet?
Skinny legs? lol y i put dis up iono


SkinnyLegs said...

Hahaha hilarious dis boy I shall sue ur ass!!!


sue ha all d fbook thins uve bn fapin frm my page nko lol


n besides its jst d nname i used