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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shocking Reality

Yes recently I came to d conclusion that the kitchen is jst not for me. cooking aint my forte. Why did I come to dis conclusion u ask. Well I've burnt indomie twice in my life (hw was i sposed to knw it needed water), Then yesterday I tried makin Eba lets just say i couldnt decide whether to eat it or drink it lol. But sha I can make pancakes love those. D principle of cooking seems to have eluded me I pray my wife can cook sha. My mum tried teachin me to cook but na i lost interest.
Either way dis cruddy university has ended d strike *sigh* have exams in a week. annoying yes but d sooner we do exams d better. Havnt been to cinemas in about 2 weeks.
EB out.


Myne Whitman said...

Good luck with a cooking wife LOL. Burn Indomie ke? Can you even boil water? Hehhehe

BBB said...

most guys cant cook so no prob
my bf cant boil water.....


lmao habba now i can do d basics its jst dere were no instructions on d indomie pack lol.

Sting said...

You better go an learn how to cook and stop making excuses about losing interest.