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Thursday, September 10, 2009

silverbird ( again)

so yest was my friends birthday he turned 17 (lets call him naruto) the sneak insisted on leaving his house so he wouldnt have to buy stuff for people (yes yes we in NIgeria do it lol). So we decided to go to silvebird n one other girl decided to tag along albeit uninvited, we sha jst let her come since she sed she was gna drop on the way a bad move there. She jst kept complainin about everythin under the sun. The car is too hot its only in ur car dat i sweat, y dint u take d one with ac i sed my bro ws usin dat one. ur driving too fast, were late i said. it takes about 30 mins to get to silv without traffic, so u can imagine my suffering, we tried ignoring her for a while didnt work, when we got near her house i asked where she was gettin off, she decided she was going to follow us to silv. instead. I contained my disappointment, bt Naruto immediately said he could not pay for her another mistake she started nagging that were cheapskates. hw wont we pay for her dat shes a girl yadiyadiyada I jst ignored her naruto did 2. We finally got there after having to reach new levels of self control, I was elated to have to go n park as long as she got out sha. We got upstairs Naruto ended up paying for her so she was content for a while. We watched G.I. JOE mad movie (Not as good as transformers tho). after d movie i decided to go to barcelos to get food another round of nagging started bout us not payin for her food. We finally left n dropped her along the way (she actually expected me to go all d way 2 her house) we sha ditched her Finally some peace, but no Naruto started wit d radio playin dumb songs i sha left him.
d date was 09/09/09 vry serrendipitous
I got home n slept for about 14 hrs
oh yh happy bday in adv to skinny legs
n yes ppl I have a licence hows that for young (CB)


CerebrallyBusy said...

haha,dear young 'un, driver's license or permit???

SkinnyLegs said...

Ask me how I know who ure talking about.


CB DRIVERS LICENCE yes yes it says im 20 nw lol so technically i aint young.
mister SL how do u knw (as if i didnt knw) but tell so ill knw if ur wrong