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Friday, August 28, 2009

mon anniversaire c'est coming

aite first off i wld like to answer d inevitable question: no I do not speak french fluently jst en peu (a lil)
so aite in about 2 days im gettin a year older Yay me yh Thank God
hmmm 17 again lol. a lotta my life has changed.
Hard to believe this time last year I was still dreading my Waec result(oh like u werent scared 2) I stabbed neco ( u choose btw neco n travelling) I chose d latter
was still dreaming about prom nite back then (mischevious smile here)
ah good times, good times. last years bday was awesome had cake n pizza ( i love those ). Thot i was gonna pass out wit all d food i ate.
Didnt even knw hw to drive back then. sigh So i thought me leavin Isl was gonna be the end o the stress. But no Eleyeth jst had to get into unilag (yes dey r still on strike not dat im complainin).
Point is this birthday I have absolutely no idea how to celebrate it. Goin out is over-rated
going out with those GGs will prob kill my account.
hmmm maybe ill say more than 3 sentences to my father for the sake of it. (he's troublesome)
anyways I pray I see many more bdays to come.
sigh everythings changing.
even rap
I must be the greatest
not just momentarily
in search of victory
i must be great for eternity
maybe even legendary
like Usain breaking all the records theres ever been
like no ones ever seen
cuz im d new kid on the scene
lol cldnt resist that.
Boredom just left the building
hmmmm i hmmm a lot sigh too.
In honour of my birthday i reveal my name .... wait for it... na maybe later
but on skinny legs blog people keep thinking he is a girl. Well i'd like to kill that on mine by saying I AM A MALE (a fine one if i do say so myself lol)


SkinnyLegs said...

People don't keep thinking I'm a girl you twat.!it was jus once and that person was obviously not too sharp a knife.!the second one was about something else.
Oh yeah go to debonairs and get pizza lol


hmmm if u say so o lol
get pizza yh rite

rayo said...

hope u had a gud birthday?


yh had a blast.

CerebrallyBusy said...

ahh, happy belated birthday! 17 LOL ur so YOUNG!


young lol hmmm im thinkin im gettin old