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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nigeria vs tunisia

this country is complicated, people keep sayin nigeria is a sick nation i think its trying to commit suicide. The people who are supposed 2 help this country feed their pockets instead N the rest of the nation just complains about how bad things are. Hence the suicide.
The point of this blog is Nigerias match a very irritating affair.i mean we scored twice n dey equalised twice while i was still celebrating each of the goals less dan 10 minutes. mtchew I i keep sayin i wld stop watchin their matches but curiousity keeps disrupting that particular plan.
On a more interesting note my beard is coming along nicely hehe can't wait.
EB out


Morounfolu Alabi said...

that was a frustrating match.i kept on switchn btwn d match n

CerebrallyBusy said...

hehe...bear-bear lol, i did say u wer young, right?


dat bba is messed up sef 2 girls 4 awhole wk i mean dose guys will jst get wit demselves lol.
CB its comin nicely lol jst u wait. I will so bug ur blog with it(evil laff)