Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Me, mini me, Evil EB

wats up people, EB here,

So EB decided to visit his childhood days, I was always a naughty kid, plus i just had that mischievous face. When something went wrong in the house, i'm the last born but my name would always come up first, and i would sneak out of the house faster than naeto C could say "Yes Boss". You know how your parents would use your full name when you're in trouble, well I got used to it after a while. I got so good at covering my pranks, I could rob Cbn and get away with it... like they would know i did it but no way to prove it and i would just be there with an evil grin. They would get me to sit down and say : look me in the eyes and tell me the truth, i would look them straight in the eye and say the complete opposite lol, I don't understand how looking in peoples eyes affects your ability to lie.
There was this one time that my dads wallet was errr reducing in size hehe, he came home n shouted: ELEYETH!!!
EB: yes daddy
Dad: some money is missing from my wallet
EB: really? where did you put it?
Dad: shut up, we are going to find out what happened to the money. call your brother now
EB: Okay
So i called my brother and everywhere went black, like all those interrogation scenes in movies with a lamp and the whole shabang, credit to my dad he tried hard, he put my bro and i in separate rooms to interrogate us. after bout 3o mins interrogating my brother it was my turn,
Dad: your brother has told me all what you do so just confess (good tactic. i know rite)
EB: I have no idea what you're talking about :)
it went on like that for a while but we never got to the bottom of it hehe. (not that i took it .. or did i) well you will never know.

All those times i got spanked.... no no beaten is more appropriate, spanking sounds tush like a slight tapping no no no, people had belts, kobokos, canes, my dad had these hausa slippers *shudder* Till this day i shiver when i see those things, My dad could have them off his feet n on your butt so fast you wouldn't even have time to flinch. As much as i feared those slippers i lived by a simple motto "its better to ask forgiveness than permission". yeah it gets me into a lot of trouble, but im still here so i say its a good way to live. So Dudes next time you see a hot girl on the bus grab her butt n ask forgiveness and ladies next time you see EB dont be afraid to say hi :)
On a final note, i leave you with a series of predictions inspired by paul the octopus; The sun is gonna shine tomorrow, but only after the moon goes down, you are gonna read this and laugh, you are gonna breathe in the next 5 seconds, MI is gonna be short, Terry G is gonna be razz, Im gonna save this post and put it up on my blog. I could go on with my ridiculous predictions but i wont lest i start to bore you, aite people , hug an eskimo, eat 50 pounds of raw meat with a side of lard...
EB out.