Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beyond the light the darkness waits

gotta do dis quick im timin myelf.

The seconds ticked by, the silence was ominous, the only sound was the soft thuddin of hearts one fainter than the other. Looking back it was such a playful thing to do.
Looking out the window, staring down at all, everyone always looked right past like he wasnt dere, some stared for a second then decided he was just moody but they shldve known she was all he had left. Had they looked a little deeper, were they jst a little less shallow the darkness they saw now would be non existent but they were ignorant content in their hubris. It all didnt matter... for them anyway. As he looked down at them all the hatred flared, walking round with noses held high the pride.... the pride he was gonna give em the fall it was decided. With each new step he kept reconsidering but his concience was non-existent, prob in a coma. As he reached the door, he remembered all he shared with her all the memories, a tear dropped to the wooden floor his eyes were misty he sat lookin at the tear dry up. He saw brilliant white, He looked up the resolve returned he was gonna avenge her even if it killed him, his eyes had lost all hope far as he was concerned his only hope was in the darkness. His reflection scared even him, gone were his onyx eyes replaced by red. He knew he was gonna die he needed the anger.
He walked out the door and the rest was history, he woke up sprawled in the cornor of the room in the shadows, the two heartbeats still goin, faintly he wondered why there were 2 heartbeats when there were 3 people in the room he listened for a minute there was a last heartbeat no it was too weak to call a heartbeat, he wondered why it was so faint and whose it was he felt something wet beneath him, then he started sinking into the darkness. He chuckled softly "so d last heart was mine im bleeding too" that explains the wetness. Amazing how clear everything seemed he was dying, All his memories all his friends seemed a distant part like they werent his memories at all. He looked through his only working eye at the man with the second faint heart, at least he avenged her, the one with the third heartbeat stood near him a bloody sword in one hand and... was that an eye. O thats why only one eyes working he thought guess i wont be needing it anyway. He looked once more at his daughters killer a smile crossed his lips, n he went into the light. karin ... i'm almost there. END
30 mins not too bad again it aint bout me jst felt like writin it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

EB Trips, tricks n driving sticks: my life

i really gotta blog more alas i aint got so much going on right now, lags still on strike , I applied to a school in US( not tellin whch) sha pray I get in.
SO Lagos got way too boring for me so Eb went to Abuja, my mums place, man d food was awesome I was so scared I would get fat (though i stayed 4 just a week) sigh I should have stayed longer. It was a fun trip even met a girl there Wink wink lol sha it was just unfortunate I didn't like her so I just hung out with her for the sake of it. Its a long story but its besides d point, Always bugging my mum to let me drive but no my big bro just had to drive instead I was so pissed.went to cinemas makin 3 which means ive been to almost all d cinemas in Nigeria. Got a lot of cash from the trip. On the way back in the plane the pilot landed too hard I thought it was rather funny n there was this hot air hostess. A very revealing trip
On another note Ive started reading twilight Actually i've finished reading it, a very good book i recommend for anyone whos as bored as I am u mite wanna skip the 2nd one to way too lovey duvey. The rest are quite good.
On yet another note M.I. is mad, the best rapper i've heard in a while this one that jay- z n kanye have resorted to rapping absolute hogwash seriously i'm disappointed. MI drop it like its hot, badassism lol.
Going swimming Next week with some peeps the continuing pursuit of fun.
aite y'all b safe
EB out

Thursday, September 10, 2009

silverbird ( again)

so yest was my friends birthday he turned 17 (lets call him naruto) the sneak insisted on leaving his house so he wouldnt have to buy stuff for people (yes yes we in NIgeria do it lol). So we decided to go to silvebird n one other girl decided to tag along albeit uninvited, we sha jst let her come since she sed she was gna drop on the way a bad move there. She jst kept complainin about everythin under the sun. The car is too hot its only in ur car dat i sweat, y dint u take d one with ac i sed my bro ws usin dat one. ur driving too fast, were late i said. it takes about 30 mins to get to silv without traffic, so u can imagine my suffering, we tried ignoring her for a while didnt work, when we got near her house i asked where she was gettin off, she decided she was going to follow us to silv. instead. I contained my disappointment, bt Naruto immediately said he could not pay for her another mistake she started nagging that were cheapskates. hw wont we pay for her dat shes a girl yadiyadiyada I jst ignored her naruto did 2. We finally got there after having to reach new levels of self control, I was elated to have to go n park as long as she got out sha. We got upstairs Naruto ended up paying for her so she was content for a while. We watched G.I. JOE mad movie (Not as good as transformers tho). after d movie i decided to go to barcelos to get food another round of nagging started bout us not payin for her food. We finally left n dropped her along the way (she actually expected me to go all d way 2 her house) we sha ditched her Finally some peace, but no Naruto started wit d radio playin dumb songs i sha left him.
d date was 09/09/09 vry serrendipitous
I got home n slept for about 14 hrs
oh yh happy bday in adv to skinny legs
n yes ppl I have a licence hows that for young (CB)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nigeria vs tunisia

this country is complicated, people keep sayin nigeria is a sick nation i think its trying to commit suicide. The people who are supposed 2 help this country feed their pockets instead N the rest of the nation just complains about how bad things are. Hence the suicide.
The point of this blog is Nigerias match a very irritating affair.i mean we scored twice n dey equalised twice while i was still celebrating each of the goals less dan 10 minutes. mtchew I i keep sayin i wld stop watchin their matches but curiousity keeps disrupting that particular plan.
On a more interesting note my beard is coming along nicely hehe can't wait.
EB out