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Monday, March 8, 2010

We do this

sup pple EB here...
So im addicted to my blackberry for real. I just cant drop that thing. I'm almost always with it once im not in class or sleeping.even when im walkin on d road lol.
Took an IQ test and it turns out im pretty smart; i got a 135 :) top 1% in the world lol im feeling pretty smug dnt mind me, its just mr funny dat motivated me.
schools going gud not too strenuous jst managing, midterms coming up soon sigh but I got it.
Went 4 this church sleepover.. from friday till sunday see us eatin like wow i ate like maadd im thinkin that will sha help my weight gainin plan, i gained almost 10 alredi hehe *applause* lol. We actually didn't sleep much. They discovered how to put toothpaste in pples eyes when they are sleeping, so we all stayed up n pasted pple.then d gyming thing is just stress yo, everyday i talk myself out of it, oh dnt look at me like dat i have pacs :P lol.
I'm getting old but I like it sha, at least once im 18 ill b able to do some things. There are just some things that annoy me about being under 18 but in a few months it shall be no more,
aite as u probably figured out, i have nothin to say
see ya
EB out.


..Moyo said...

I talk a lot :[
What is it about being under 18 that annoys you?


when i wanna sign for things they ask if im over 18 n im not

2cute4u said...

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Myne Whitman said...

Enjoy being young while it lasts, lol...Putting toothpaste in people's eyes, that sounds like something to try.

Mr.Funnyhoneymoney said...

for the umpteenth time its Mr.funnyhoneymoney, 135 my ass

CerebrallyBusy said...

lol...this isaiah you have bad belle sha

what kind of bb do u have eb??


@myne it stings bad hvnt felt it but I hrd
Mr FUNNY stop hatin aint my fault u aint as smart as u think
CB I got the bold

Geebee said...
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