Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hello world: life lessons

hello world EB here...
life lessons ... never attack an armed officer never steal tomatoes from mushin market ... there are cooler ways to die. courtesy mr funny honey money.
Never tell your mother you want to get a tattoo ... She would beat u till ur white... there are cooler ways to change nationality.
Never be gay there are too many fine girls in this world...not 4 girls sha
Do Not wear an arsenal jersey... ever... arsenal sucks.
Never admit to anything till the last minute ... its d childs way of life.
Never try to fly... it hurts.
Never hit women especially short women... its just cowardice plus they are troublesome.
Never have a pepper eating contest with your older siblings ...odds are they would pick tomatoes... nuff said.
Talk to the wierd kid in your class ... he might spare you when he snaps.
Never tell a girl you love her if you don't ... Karma's a b****.
Never believe your mum when it comes to a hospital ... trust no one they lie.
Never go to silverbird on saturdays .. too many juveys lol
Never answer ur girlfriend if she asks if a girl is prettier than her ... yes or no its still suicide.
Always check for ur wallet before a date ... embarassing otherwise.
Always make sure ur girlfriend is wearing shoes before you say "i like your shoes". the resultin smack will sting.
Never break up with a girl without telling someone where you are... she might be small... she might be mighty.
If u are going to forge your report card do it right... i personally kno d results of mistakes.
If you are going to confess to something then don't do it.
several more rules there are but i Shant keep u here any longer.
see ya
EB out.


BBB said...

lmao @the pepper eating contest so true

JuaNita said...

too many fine girls in this world. lol. Nice.

..Moyo said...

Arsenal sucks ... #sigh no comment.

I like this though. I talk to the weirdest people in class so if they're sharing anything, I'm getting mine! Which is sad, cause I secretely don't like them or they smell or something. #Sigh
*sign of the cross*
The Lord understands.

..Moyo said...
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Myne Whitman said...

Small but mighty girls, lol. Great to read from you.


@BBB i almost fell 4 dat myself but i chickened out
@juanita im still meetin more everyday lol
@moyo please dnt tell me ur an arsenal fan ...pls
@myne ..u put a pic up hehe

Suru said...

first time on ur blog... lol at the wallet thing. It's happened to me at restaurant and even tho it wasn't a date it was embarrassing


loldats y i leave money in my jeans too

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Georgia said...
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