Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wagwan, summers here

wagwan pple,
i apologize for my disappearance in fact i doubt anyone will be here to read dis post, i dont blame u but u better come bak b4 i send viruses to all ur laptops *smile* So hows everyone doing? i know u missed me its not a question rili if i werent me i wld miss me too.
My lifes been going great thanks for asking ... oh wait u didn't. Summers here proceed to dance and komole. If u didnt notice summers here den u have issues ... shall i recommend a cozy bath in hot oil. Im Doing summer school and its long, boring, hot, and tiring but it has to be done. Complain as i may theres always a silver lining, its hot n the hot girls have decided to show off their hot legs in some short skirts making the heat of summer but a little annoyance :D. And no i am not a pervert i just appreciate the good things in life ... like hot legs.
Next is my new found interest in the nigerian music industry, (no i cant rap n no i dont sing ) i can dance tho ... anyways i started listening to a whole lot of them and i realise they are pretty off the chain, examples Mr endowed, and jonzing world if u dont like them sit in a gutter and eat ice cubes :). lol . i think they are cool. yh yh EB djayed at a party the other day strictly naija songs. was fun i left my post to go n dance tho lol well i wasnt gonna miss the party now was i?
SO i have cleaned the cobwebs on my blog and apologized for the pain my absence must surely have caused u. That being said ill depart n hope for your comments
EB out.


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