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Sunday, January 10, 2010

IN ATTENDANCE ELEYETH BLAZE: d freezin cold n all

hey y'all, probably wondering about my status huh well here goes EB is now in US raise the roof schoolin here now. So on to business this freezing ac that yall have everywhere can someone please turn it off :). seriously tho its freezin as in see me shakin like a leaf, i had to sleep with gloves n socks imagine Nigeria dat ull be lookin 4 ac everywhere im tryin to find sun. Saw snow 4 d firs ttime (yh i kno im bush) i tried to make a snow ball didnt work man its harder than it looks then my cousin made fun of me n i was cold so i ran inside.
Entered 3 planes in one day so freakin tired had a stop over in morrocco Casablanca, funny name sounds like a bomb or something terminator wld say like"ill blow u straight to casablanca" lol got searched but not as bad as everyone said tho. imagine me not being able to finish a burger but it was huge sha lol i jst threw d rest away.
On the upside a lotta pple r gna miss me most importantly d girl in my old high skl yh im happy n some other people. Mr funny honey money didnt get to laff at me either in ur face boy. hung out wuth skinny legs b4 i left made fun of 2 of my fat friends lol. Got a lotta plans here. Either way i aint in unilag anymore arrivederci (did i get that rite) mtchew im sha gna miss the ex high skl girl. sigh.
p.s the friend mr funny was referrin to in his blog dat had 2 strands yh ... dat was me lol but now i have several so :p lol.
p.s.s im gonna miss a few pple too.
EB out


Myne Whitman said...

How did I guess it was you in Mr Funny's post? LOL.

Congrats on your US uni admission. Which state are you in? Don't worry about the weather, spring is on the way. Don't miss home too much.

CerebrallyBusy said...

lol...i read isaiah's blog!

ben and esmeralda!!

lmaoooooooo cheii

BBB said...

have fun in school make the best of d opportunity


lol guilty yh.

..Moyo said...

Everyone's leaving Unilag ... why now?
My friend just left to NYC as well. Shourrout to all my lag boys that stick to Lag jo.
And the ones leaving it too, hmph.


lol as unilag is now so strenous y wnt we leave.

Mr.Funnyhoneymoney said...

Oi show some respect its Mr.funnyhoneymoney, you say the whole thing like 'a pimp named sleekback' and yeah im gonnna miss ya a lil sha yeah i can already see your next comment: "did you just say that?" well you just a lil here and there and cos of this and that sha


dont try n predict me i was gonna say of course even i miss me too

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