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Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year

sup y'all been a while, ive been busy sue me lol. So wats bn goiin? on watd i miss. OH happy new year. spent my new yrs eve at church was cool. EBs been busy sha o went to Abuja for christmas my mums bday (yes t-mama's bday is on christmas day) so we called all her friends n had a series of comments made about her. it was hilarious then had a party. it was all good n i still didnt get fat lol.
Well d girl i sed i was goin 4 yh u knw my birthday mate well... d one wit d boyfriend lol we bn talkin a lot sha but i gotta stop due to unforseen circumstances not all of us can be like sugarking rite lol.
Sigh my car got seized. why u ask? bcos of my mother. went out with some pple d other day n my mum called 4 one miscellaneous thing sha me n my overconfident self i tld her i went to cinemas n she went berserk dat i dint tell her i was goin???? imagine did she wanna c a movie too or wat lol sha she nw went n told my dad who dsnt knw i have a licence n he said that i jst take d car 4 granted yadi yadi yadda so bottom line they seized my car key. sigh.
I actually didnt make any new year resolutions this year smh, the ex is back in lagos n we bth knw we dnt wanna see but she faked joy n gave me her no so i have to fake n call back sigh.
The new year has been going spectacularly, great awesome im happy.
happy new year pple.


Sugarking said...

EB, u too mush jare. U cracked me with that "she formed happy and gave u her number, so u have to form and call back. lol. And oh, me i'm just being my normal self o jare. I'm even trying to be like most normal ppl sef. lol


haha lol sugarking normal wheres skinny legs were all guys we kno d experts

Myne Whitman said...

Oh no, so you now have to get around like a lay G? And yeah you cracked me up with that line about your ex, what happened with the new one BTW?


circumstances beyond my control

Mr.Funnyhoneymoney said...

Eleyeth you could have controlled them if you really wanted to but you couldnt sacrifice your...........for love ehn? and now theyve seized your car and me too i have to start trekking mscheew

Anonymous said...


haof f ( be 31


varis i dnt get

Mr.Funnyhoneymoney said...

yeah you dont