Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday Boy

Wagwan people,

Yeah, u know how people get older once a year... what are those things called? ummm oh yeah

birthdays ,yeah thats it. I had one of those this week, *raise the roof* guess how old i am, WRONG

u missed it ( i'm sure u did lol)... moving on my birthday was just a regular old day, was in school

till 7 pm yeah awesome right?. school started this week too, very annoying. I was determined to

start off all determined and focused and and and... well that plan came crashing down by

wednesday, abeg back to my lazy self. life is so much easier when u don't care. Nawa for all my

relatives man, if u see how they disappeared, james Bond aint got nothing on them, but ill show

them, ill show them all *evil laff* lol.
i'm getting addicted to online shopping, i think i need to hide my card or something, its like any

shoe i see must be mine * my precious*

I love arguing.... so unto women, if only you knew what you wanted, yeah yeah we should be able

to tell somehow abi? guys have problems too sha, loads of them, but as i am a guy i am biased.
i had a friend of mine over for a week, lets jst say it was one of the longest weeks of my life. thats

probably why i'm bringing this up.. aite im done ranting
thinking of getting a tumblr account, everyone keeps raving bout it

twitter name @Eleyeth do ur thing

EB out...

ps... im legal now *victory dance*

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